Monday, March 24, 2008

Books and a rainy day

"I will get the hang of this" I keep telling myself. Here I am, writing the first few words in my blog and I don't know what to say!?

Hmmm, spring is here and my creative mind has been hard at work planning Easter, Isabella's second birthday and Cristiano's 12th birthday. I have been busy at work decorating a clients family living room and finding the perfect furniture is not as easy as I would hope. I have also been busy covering ugly books with fun handmade paper and decorative prints. I was so tired of the ugly covers, I decided something had to be done, so on one of our rainy days! I pulled out the paper, took the less than attractive books off the book shelves and I busied myself with covering them.

It is so easy to do, I went to Paper Zone but Oblation also has wonderful wrapping paper to choose from.

Sometimes, I traced the dust jacket directly on the new paper and other times I placed the book cover on the wrapping paper and then I would trace it, leaving an inch or two in order to fold the paper inside the book.

What a difference! Now I won't stare at them and keep thinking how ugly the books are and that I should throw them in a box and put them in the basement. They even look good with our antique books.

I found this wonderful Sun Glass jar at the Expo Antique show one summer. I placed several pieces of colorful rock, moss and wood in the jar that we found on a recent hike. I decided it would be great as a bookend, it is heavy enough, decorative and holds memories for us.