Saturday, January 30, 2010

Locket 2 You

I was so excited to find these adorable lockets in Portland and have the artist bring them into Thea's Interiors. Lockets 2 You, makes these charming, utilitarian and never boring specimens of jewerlry. After a long chat with one of the artist, I felt that I had known him for longer than the 30 minutes. There isn't much that's better than wonderful art and nice people; one of the many reasons I love what I do and why I love Portland.
The whimsical rabbits have been a favorite but all of the designs are fun and amusing.  Each one is hung from a brass chain and embellished with colorful beads.

 Love Portland!

Thea's Interiors

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello!  My name is Pamela and I am one of the gals who works for Thea at Thea's Interiors.  I am here one day a week and have a great time helping customers, rearranging small displays and dusting, dusting, dusting!  The rest of the time, I am a stay at home mother, lover of art and design, avid traveler and gardener. I also love to do projects around the house like sprucing up an orphan piece of furniture found at Goodwill!  I"ll be joining Thea in posting once a week.

This week, I'm going to share my favorite spot in my house with you.  It's my sunroom.  I've always wanted a sunroom since I moved to Oregon twenty years ago and I immediately claimed it as my personal space when we bought the house.  Unfortunately, the rest of my family ignores my stake and I often find my sunroom cluttered with seventh grade homework and my husband's sports page.  Oh well, it was worth a try.

The sunroom is approximately 10 x 25 and wrapped in windows on three sides.  The remaining side is filled with French doors that lead to my living room.  It is always bright, even on Oregon's grayest days and a great place to read or sip coffee in the morning.  We also use it as an office and have located the computer in this space.  It is filled with an eclectic mix of old and new pieces.  The pullout couch is a newer piece along with a few lamps.  The bookshelf is an antique hand me down from my mother.  The desk is an estate sale find.  The wicker chair was picked up at a garage sale.  The coffee table is Austrian pine and is full of dings and random nails added over it's many years.  The chair at the desk comes from my grandfather's tavern and makes me think of him.  Scattered throughout the room and used to hold papers and pens is my collection of 40's pottery.  It's a great example of mixing new and old things to create a  livable space.

This little sunroom sees more living than all the other rooms in our house.  It is comfortable and cozy, but the wrap around windows make you feel  like you're in the garden.  Our house is on a corner, so you can look out the windows and have this great sense of space.  That's hard to come by in an established urban neighborhood and helps make the room even more special.  At the end of the day, my family can all be found snuggled on the couch, feet on the coffee table, sharing our tales of the day.  And as bright and cheery as it is, the fact that everyone always gravitates to this room is what really makes it my favorite! 

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Shakespeare's Ophelia is reborn in the modern age by our artist friend John Gamboa with oil paints and canvas. A friend was having a private open house/birthday party over the weekend (happy birthday again!!)  this was my favorite piece of the show but was already spoken for so I could only admire it.

Beautiful colors are lined up on the artist's table ready for the artist's
 hand to aspire to a new creation.

Here is the artist (in bow tie) chatting with his guests.

Thank you for an inspiring evening of art and chatter.

Here's to inspiration!

Thea's Interiors

Friday, January 8, 2010

What I do with a few quiet hours to myself

I was enjoying a quiet Friday morning without kids so I decided to visit an estate sale. As I stood in line chatting with friends, shivering in the cold, I felt very content. I wasn't looking for much, maybe something charming, sparkly or even practical. After roaming around the house for about 1 hour, I was more than happy with my finds and I paid up.
I thought my two owls were so cute!! I was proudly showing them off to Lynne yesterday thinking that she was going to fully agree with me! As I place them gingerly on the counter, Lynne exclaims" Oh, my gosh, put them in my Goodwill bag right now!"

I was in shock, dumbfounded, I thought she was joking, how could she think they were not cute?

I love keys, you love keys, we all love keys.

this sweet little vintage butterfly broach is delicately painted on an old plastic. A large glass amethyst colored stone sits in the center

Happy weekend!!
Thea's Interiors

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Favorites by Pamela

The holidays often serve as a time of reflection, when we are reminded of all the blessings we have been given. Whether that be your family, your job or your house, it is a good time to think about what's right with your life and what brings you happiness. Along these lines, we will be sharing some of the things that bring joy into our lives here in Portland.

One of my favorite things about Portland is the beautiful older neighborhoods. Each has its' own flavor and distinct feel. These neighborhoods help shrink the world we live in, allowing us to experience small town friendliness in a big city. I am lucky enough to live in one of these special neighborhoods. Located about two miles from downtown Portland, our neighborhood is full of houses ranging in style from Norman Tudor to Colonial to Arts and Crafts. It is a place where kids can still ride their bikes safely, play in the street without worry and run down to the local pool for a summer swim. With coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores, schools and a library within walking distance, I consider it an ideal place to live. We even have a pharmacy with an old fashioned soda fountain, complete with milkshakes, malts and Green River soda. It is definitely one of my favorite things about Portland!
As we enter the New Year, our blog will have a new look and new contributors. We are adding items from the shop we think you might like and two of the gals who work at Thea's, Lynne and Pamela, will be doing periodic postings. We hope you like the new look and content. Happy New Year!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope your new year will be filled with joy!

Bella's crown was designed & made by Queen of Tarte!

Felice Anno Nuovo, Bellissima Signora!!
Thea's Interiors