Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree of Shoes

When wandering through estate sales and flea markets, I often find a small booty or a worn child's shoe from the turn of the century tucked away in a box of mementos. I imagine that child taking it's first step or another child playing and jumping until the shoe is worn and in need of repair. If we could only see what those shoes saw, what a fun experience that would be.

My friend Nancy has been collecting a variety of baby shoes and booties for years. This year, she finally pulled them all out and put them together on a beautiful green noble tree. The tree is filled with small shoes and booties of all shapes and sizes, some formal and some designed for everyday use. Stop by the shop and join us in admiring this beautiful tree!



Friday, December 4, 2009


This year I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for all the amazing woman that are in my life. I am greatful for the creative and professional Lynne, Charlotte, Pamela and Nancy whom help me run Thea's Interiors. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them and Cindy from Tarte and her stunning pink window. Our pink window continues to be a joy to our customers. I had never known that so many people collect and decorate their homes in a pink Christmas theme! It has been a lot of fun for all of us.
Feathers were the inspiration for the new window, it is light and fluffy yet warm and elegant. I found the perfect feather tree from The Worthy Goods and the bed is from Tarte.

A'Musements has just created these icon ornaments, they are cradle in a glass orb and sprinkled with glitter. I have know Karen from A'Musements for a very long time. She has been an inspiration of mine since I was a child and I continue to love her art and creations.

A'Musements created the pink and satin slipper to hang gently from the tree.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

What's New For Christmas!! November 27

Every week will be receiving new, locally made product for Christmas.
Our local artist are busy at work creating the best gifts.
Teri Sprouse just brought in her handmade enamel pendents! Colorful and charming, these are a great gift.
Do you need a little color on your door? We have rosehip wreaths.
Hand made stockings from vintage and antique linens.
My Little Buffallo has made the cutest cards!! We have Christmas cards and everyday greetings. Anna Corba unscented candles are whimsical and hand made.

Check us out weekly for new additions to our vintage and local gift ideas!
Thea's Interiors

The Withies Christmas show

December 4th is a very special night. The Withies will have a beautiful and joyful evening of treasures and friendship.
The event is from 6-9pm and is on the corner of Sixth and E St. at the "The Holly House" in Lake Oswego.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Dreams

Thea's Interiors is so excited to have some of the most creative artist as part of our Christmas display. We decided to go all local this year for Christmas and in doing so we have been able to produce an eclectic and beautiful display of vintage, pink and dreamy creations.
Cindy from Tarte came in with her signature look and produced an elegant pink Christmas display.
As you scroll down you will be introduced to each artist and a small sample of their creations. Santa by Leah Anderson is one of the best old world Santa paintings I have seen. We have a giclee and of course you can have it made in any size. Take home a small version as a Christmas card. We also have Magpie Ethel and her gorgeous wreaths made from all vintage ornaments.

Pearls is one of our many themes this year. D.Sharp made up a few German glitter creations for us and we now carry My Little Buffallo Christmas cards and gift tags.

Vintage Trifles created wonderful garland made from vintage flash cards and tinsel.

Pink is our Christmas theme this year thanks to Tarte!!
We couldn't have done it without her and Lynne creating an amazing display!
Pink Christmas trees ornaments and globes from Tarte.
Magpie Ethel's wreath on a mirror looks stunning!

One of our favorite artists is Jackie Hoyt and her fabulous collage creations. We have two in for Christmas but you can also have her create a custom one for you and your memories.

Rose hip wreaths for your door.

Withies has brought in her collection of vintage ornaments. These will not last long!

A vintage mannequin is adorned by a glitter star and Withies necklace.

We have saved our collection of pearls and vintage rhinestone jewelry just for the holidays.

Vintage books and Magpie Ethel's clip ornaments.

Nancy Dean has scavenged her farm for all the right ingredients for her swags. Sugar pine cones are the main ingredient.

Withies has created journals from vintage books and embellished with cute vintage objects.

Charlotte has once again created her Asian inspired ornaments. Hand made from silk fabric and embellished with butterflies and umbrellas.

Scoop of Pearls and vintage French flash cards to embellish your gifts.

"Pearl of Wisdom" by Withies!

Come in and see our ever changing Christmas. We will be adding several new artist for Christmas in the next couple of weeks so we will keep you posted.

Happy Holidays!!

Thea's Interiors

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Favorite Finds This Summer

My summer was an interesting one. Doctors orders prohibited me to drive all summer so I had to rely on my dear friend Lynne, my parents, husband and other generous friends to drive me from here to there. Despite that, I was able to find some wonderful decorator items or friends just brought in their amazing things to me. Now that life is back to normal, I can reflect on my summer and see that despite how uneventful it was compared to past years, I had a great time too. Life has just taken on a different perspective for me. I am enjoying it more, not taking things so seriously and trying to live for the moment. Life is short, say hello and goodbye like you mean it.
Around early September I felt like I was getting back into the groove again, I wanted to merchandise, I could take an interest in all my customers. Lynne, Charlotte, Pamela and Nancy have been a big part of that. Without them, Thea's Interiors would have closed its doors but because of them I could take my time and when I was ready, take over the reins.
Thea's Interiors is creatively, emotionally and product wise, stronger than ever.
Here are just a few of my favorite things from the summer, many of them bring a big smile to my face because of the richness, love and history that they carry with them.

Vintage porcelain glove mold , old plastic boccie balls and bright yellow letters.
This yellow either makes me cringe because of its brightness or makes me smile with sunshine!
Peggy Del Rosario hand painted chandelier.

Sweet cherub with wheat, concrete statue.

I always love the vintage 1917, metal letters!

"Monogrammed Heirlooms", embroidered hand towel.
She is the best!

I found this amazing zinc shelf at Farm Chicks this summer. The pillows are of course, "Great Findz" Dawn is amazing!!!

Speaking of Dawn! she dragged me over to meet Dewayne and his fantastic vintage British trolley signs.
Love it!!

"Moss" makes these hand crocheted necklaces. The cutest jewelry I have in the store by far!

"Max & Lucie" is now part of our jewelry family! Her designs are fresh , colorful and a joy to wear! I was thrilled to find her and for her to be at Thea's Interiors.

This is it! of course I can't pass up a good pair of shoe forms! Withies gave me this great hand painted poem and the flash cards are hot, hot!!!
Thank you!! for everything!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Leah artist reception August 6th 5-8

Leah Anderson is our artist for August and September. If you have never seen her art in person you will be mesmerized by her beautiful images of farm animals, sea birds and children. She paints on a bigger scale than you would expect thus producing an overwhelming delight!!
Leah, who is a gentle person by nature has a passion for horses and family. This passion is evident in her paintings. Each brush stroke seems to not only have the most caressing of soft colors but her passion for life is elegantly painted onto each canvass.
The soft colors of each subject is deep and subtle at the same time and her realism is very fine.
Leah has had a life long appreciation for art & she feels that her impressionistic works allow her to express herself in a way that people can not only see but feel. Her artistic inspirations derive from the special moments in life that create feelings of calm & serenity.
Leah will be showing original oil paintings & glicee prints.
Come meet the artist at our reception during the Pearl District’s
August First Thursday Art Walk. We will have wine tasting from Ankeny Vineyard Winery as well as food & refreshments from 5-8pm. Leah’s work will be displayed throughout the months of August & September at Thea’s Interiors.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Barn House Flea Market

If I ever write anything on time will be a miracle! My excuse, sometimes good times need time to breath like a fine wine! That is just how I feel about Jo, Jermonne and the Barn House.

Lynne, Heather and I spent a hot but great weekend on July 17 & 18 at their farm in Battleground. I was just along for the ride (what better excuse to hang out and shop for antiques) while they sold at the Barn House flea market.

Jo& Jermonne were so busy that I never got a picture of them, next time! We met a great family from Roseville, Ca. They own The Tattered House and they brought a yummy dessert and a breakfast cake that you can see Lynne licking further down the blog!

Heather and Lynne enjoy the amazing pot luck dinner the day before the show. Jermonne cooked a wonderful chicken on the BBQ and everyone brought something to share.

Resting by the fire pit in the boy's back yard!

Scene from a distance. Later that day the entire field was full of cars.

Cindy from Tarte had an amazing booth!! of course!

Heather and Lynne pricing.

A few things I bought from Sue.

The boy's yard.

From the garden.

Lynne as cute as can be!!!

Ready to take your money!

I realise that I didn't take any pictures of the crowd. Well, I was to busy helping Lynne with sales. The day turned out great and we met wonderful people, new customers and regular customers.

Heather in a vintage dress and apron and looking sexy!!

Lynne, eating off of the breakfast tray!

Lynne, Lynne!
What ever shall I do with you!

Thank you Jo and Jermonne for an amazing weekend and for the invite. I slept well for my 4 hours!!
Thank you Lynne and Heather!!!!