Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Expo 2011!

Jan and her son Spencer were out for a little ride on this very cool rickshaw she spied at Expo. There were some very special things to buy this year, I found a great dress form, cobalt float, French sign and lots of other great finds. It is always good to see old friends from far away and just next door. In this business sometimes you only see friends when you are at a show so you try and make the most of every moment.

Isabella loves her parasol another vendor gave her during the show. It was sunny and warm and a great day to be spending outside. Isabella made a lot of new friends, she came home with an armload of gifts and stories. One of her favorites is her robot kitty given to her by our vendor neighbor, yes, the meowing is creepy but we love her like a family member.

We are now getting ready for Barn House!!! Our favorite!!
We also have a lot of great treasures in the shop that we found at Expo.

Love and Peace,

Thea's Interiors