Friday, June 27, 2008

We are open!

actually, we opened over a month ago but I haven't had a moment to write since.
All is good at the 1204 location, a work in progress, we have accomplished a lot since April and there is so much more to do.
My goal is to have fun and not stress out about what hasn't been finished like, signs, website redesign and the list goes on.....
I have the most amazing help, my husband, Charlotte and Lynne. Without these amazing and creative people, I wouldn't be sitting here typing, I would be running around like a chicken freaking out about everything that I need to do!
But summer is here, how beautiful it is outside, the sun is so bright and warm. I try to work in the garden a little a day just to keep it from taking over. Our fruit is doing well accept the plums and the flowers have been rich with color.
My goal for design this summer is to bring nature inside by means of color and organic material. How amazing it is to have not just flowers and beautiful plants rich with life but to also bring in that which has once been alive and now supplies us with texture and shape. I have a variety of shells I have found on the beach, passed down from an estate sale or from my store and I place them in a crystal bowl or a white ceramic dish with my other found objects like agates, moss and old pieces of wood. This gives me inspiration and the shapes and colors are amazing to examine.
In the store I will be painting an accent wall a warm and sensual green, I haven't picked it out yet but I have some things in mind. This will bring the green that is outside on the trees and in the planters and bring it inside and add a feeling of life to the room.
Project, projects.