Saturday, January 24, 2009

Japanese textiles

My trip to Japan, opened my eyes to the beautiful world of Japanese textile like their obi and kimonos. Here are just a few of the textiles and their variety of motifs, colors and designs that I was able to pick up at flea markets in Tokyo. Many of the very old obi have symbolic meanings and the more recent obi are more decorative. All beautiful and full of energy.
The Kimono I picked up, still smells of cedar and some of the obi have a little wear from being lovingly used.

The bright colors and the rich golds and silvers are striking, I can only imagine seeing beautiful Japanese woman filling the streets of old Japan, their bright and exotic kimonos and obi dazzling to the eyes.

How inspiring to a decorater to use these textiles in a way that displays their beauty

Vintage Fukuro Obi

Vintage Nagoya Obi

Vintage Double Obi, Pine and Ship motif

Vintage Kimono, Ikat Weave. for young girl.

Vintage Nagoya Obi, Art Deco Style

Vintage Fukuro Obi, Botan Flowers in a Persian Karabana Motif

Local Portland artist and landscape designer Amy Bryant is displaying her fabulous leaf etchings in wax for the month of February. Her designs are naturalistic and vintage in inspiration.