Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little bit of British goes a long way!

I would like to imagine myself sitting atop a double decker bus looking down at the busy people in London or viewing curious and beautiful places in Britian. Well, I may not be able to do this while sitting on my sofa today but I have been enjoying a little bit of British history everyday with the authentic 1960's British trolley signs we have hanging in the shop. They are not only graphically bold but they are visually amusing even if you may not recognize many of the British names. 
One of my favorite signs in right now is "Load of Mischief", we are not really sure what this means but it is cool.

The New York Times just featured one of Home Economics new ottomans upholstered in their vintage British trolley sign fabric. We have one on the floor and they can be custom ordered too.

Until next time!
Thea's Interiors

Friday, March 19, 2010

What's in for Easter

I have always loved Wendy Addison's beautiful creations since the first time I saw them at a trade show in San Francisco. One of my favorite Christmas experiences was to order the new Wendy Addison collection for my shop in Sellwood.  Last year I decided to buy only handmade Christmas items, so her collections were off limits to me.
It was a wonderful surprise when I ran across her in San Francisco on the recent girls road trip last month. I was pleased to find out that she now has a new line that is made in her studio in the bay area and in New York City. Everything is handmade by her or under her personal supervision.
So now I once again carry Wendy Addison's beautiful collection and I am proud to announce that they are made in the US.
The Withies created these wonderful nests for my shop. This one has been delicately placed in a vintage bowl with a great vintage iron base. This nest specimen is my favorite because of the variety of fern, twigs and feathers she used.
Wendy Addison has made these great gift boxes and embellished them with either glitter eggs or doves and a greeting.
The Withies hand stamped the white feathers with greatings and uplifting words. Her studio is full of wonderful treasures and I have so much fun handpicking things for my shop.
This beautiful nest with a glitter egg may have to find a home in my house. Isabella will just love it to death, literally, so I may have to think twice about it. I have a few in the shop and each one is unique.
 The Withies just loves eggs and she gave me her wonderful collection of wood, glass and handpainted eggs to share.
I bought just a couple of the flying sparrows by Wendy Addison, they come in pink and silver glitter.
Everything I brought in for Easter has been handpicked and is limited.

What a beautiful day!

Thea's Interiors

Monday, March 15, 2010

For the Love of Paper!

I love paper!
Growing up with antique dealers as parents, I was destined to either hate antiques or love everything old. My first love was paper. I remember looking at old photos and old stinky books and being enthralled with their history and stories. As I went into college I was able to experiement with paper more then I ever knew I could.  I was a photography major who filled any extra time with paper making, marbling, intaglio and artist books courses.  After college I was busy with photography and my family so I began to collect books to keep the fire alive.
That brings me to Portland, this wonderful city full to the brim with amazing artists who love ephemera!
Antique books with beautiful leather covers are rich with color and age. Who can pass up such an amazing piece of history.
The Withies has created these fun ribbon bound antique books. Whimsical and charming I loved them the moment I saw them.
Addison Endpapers from Oakland, California has made these cute black labels from her workshop. They are perfect as gift labels and art projects.
Words, words, words! The flashcards were in instant hit with all of my customers. I haven't even stored away any for myself they have been flying out the door so fast.
Vintage French postcards. I didn't find them in France but until then I can dream.

Thea's Interiors

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Craving Modern

I'm not one for clutter and that probably explains why I find myself drawn to mid century and modern design.  It also explains why I'm loving our newest jewelry line, Modernica.  It's a great mix of beautiful wood and bright clear color like orange, blue and green produced by using resin.  The line includes necklaces, small and large, and a nice mix of different earring styles.
Modernica is another one of our handpicked locally made line of jewelry.

Pamela and Thea

Modern Vintage

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wonderful Windows!

Cindy, from Tarte, has been in recently and reworked our front windows.  They look amazing!  Our Glisan Street window is full of bright yellows, grays and whites.  Featuring Cindy's hand crafted paper mache deer heads and lots of great yellow accessories, it screams spring!  I adore the vintage chair upholstered in a gray, yellow, white and green floral print.  It feels fresh and of the moment, but with a nod to the past at the same time.

Our Glisan street window features birds, birds and more birds.  We have a wonderful assortment of bird cages, small nests and bird accessories.  The bird cages are sculptural and beautiful on their own, but they are also great filled with some of your favorite things.  A little nest from the yard, a collection of seaglass or your favorite flowering plant. A great way to welcome spring into your house!