Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little bit of British goes a long way!

I would like to imagine myself sitting atop a double decker bus looking down at the busy people in London or viewing curious and beautiful places in Britian. Well, I may not be able to do this while sitting on my sofa today but I have been enjoying a little bit of British history everyday with the authentic 1960's British trolley signs we have hanging in the shop. They are not only graphically bold but they are visually amusing even if you may not recognize many of the British names. 
One of my favorite signs in right now is "Load of Mischief", we are not really sure what this means but it is cool.

The New York Times just featured one of Home Economics new ottomans upholstered in their vintage British trolley sign fabric. We have one on the floor and they can be custom ordered too.

Until next time!
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gretchen said...

Load of Mischief....
i'm pretty sure i had a child that fell into this catagory ...
never a dull moment!