Thursday, September 30, 2010

New York

It has been a couple of weeks since I have been back from my stay in NYC and Massachusetts, it always takes a bit to process everything that I have seen and done while in a different city. My third time around is no different. I can easily describe my stay this time as relaxing, entertaining, enlightening and full of crazy fun! (I somehow luckily missed the bed bug infestation that hit Brooklyn and is now in Manhattan)

My first day in NY, Yorie and I walked around Brooklyn and viewed the cityscape, old apartments and picked up sea glass on a small beach (for future jewelry making!?)
The purpose of my trip to NY was to catch up with Yorie's and Rachael's lives, make a few fun antique purchases and visit just a couple of amazing old cemeteries. I found some great ones to photograph like the legendary Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, large, hilly and a little creepy but lovely just the same.  Green-Wood Cemetery, in the heart of Brooklyn was beautiful with its large Gothic arch entrance and unusual tombs.
I am standing on the bridge that the Headless Horseman of Washington Irving's great tale of Ichabod Crane, rode his horse (not really, actually, the bridge once stood about 200 feet away) We enjoyed our lunch sitting on rocks in the stream below.
Washington Irving

I took a 2 day trip to Amherst to visit my friend Rachael and her lovely family who all dwell comfortably in a 150 + year old farm house on 5 acres.  I took a liking to the Amherst area, it is a lot like Portland in many ways.   I got to visit Emily Dickinson's home and her family cemetery. If you like small museums then you should visit this one. I wish I had more time to stay in Amherst, there are a lot of antiques to buy there and it is a beautiful city with so much history. I can't wait to go back and visit Rachael again!

I arrived back in Manhattan much rested and ready for adventure. We listened to jazz music in Harlem (after spending over an hour extra on the subway because we were talking so much we missed 3 different stops)
We saw a wonderful play in Brooklyn, "What the Butler Saw", and listened to Lake Simon sing beautiful original songs with her partner playing guitar and the harmonica. Lake Simon is a professional puppeteer from Brooklyn (pictured at right)
St. Nick's in Harlem.

My Birthday Cake!

Changing of the guard at the memorial.

On September 11th, I went down to Ground Zero to see the memorial. I didn't go in the morning as I knew there would be a lot more people than I could meander through. I arrived at around 4pm and there was still a large crowd of both visitors and trouble makers.  I paid my respects  to the victims and viewed the construction before I headed back to Brooklyn.

Eating my cake and tea on the rooftop.
The number 6!
Hell's Kitchen Flea, I found old ironstone, letters, signs and a great 1950's ivory colored coat. I liked this flea market, it had a great view of the city and the vendors were so very nice. Everyone I talked to had either heard so many great things about Portland or had spent a lot of time here and loved it.
I had been to the Chelsea Fleamarket before and I was pleased to see that it was still the same. The indoors section in the garage is the best part, better dealers and some great antiques.
I loved these little people but for $700 I knew I would have to wait.

In my past life I must have been an antique dealer! Either that or an archaeologist,
 I can't get enough of old junk and the charm of imagining who once owned it! 

The NYC flea markets are a lot of fun. I found enough to bring back and not break my back doing it. I loved these old cameras and I would have brought one home in a minute if I couldn't get his business card!  I picked up old clock hands, tin type photographs, lots of old letters from bronze to aluminum and lots in between. I am kicking myself for not bringing back a few items I just couldn't make my mind up about but there is always next time.
Tinsel Trading

Ah, Tinsel Trading. What a delight!  Sara was a lot of help showing me the Christmas creations that I will be receiving in November. I was so delighted to see all the girls who work on the floor also putting together Wendy Addison's beautiful creations. I am so excited and I hope I put my Halloween order in on time.
Good bye for now, until next time NY and Yorie!

Thea's Interiors

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Susan Wheeler Home

My husband and I had a rare opportunity to go to Seattle and visit some wonderful shops last weekend. One of our dearest friends was getting married and we decided to go up a day early and wander about.
I have had Susan Wheeler's shop on my list since she opened in October of 2009. I have know Susan for awhile, we would see each other at all the antiques shows in the Pacific NW and chit chat.  I have always admired  her beautiful style but until I saw it in her new shop, a more perminant establishment, I never grasped how talented and unique her style was.  Her style covers all genres of design and it is mixed and merchandised perfectly.
Along with her style, she also is a very gracious person.
Susan Wheeler Home is located in Georgetown, next to Kirk Albert, two must see shops in Seattle.
Susan Wheeler Home
5515 Airport Way S.
Seattle, Wa.

Thea's Interiors

Susan Wheeler Home