Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fiddle Head

We found these beautiful fiddle head fern sculptors in Seattle. They scatter the ground and shoot up into the air like living creatures of steel. Our Isabel thought they were very cool and found running around them, time and time again, was the most fun she could have. We thought it was very cold and just wanted to go find some hot coffee! guess who won....

My little fashion diva knows her colors! the rich shade of violet and cool grey are just two of the fall/winter 2008-09 colors for fashion and interiors.

Reflective of the modern age and the future, deep grey and violet are cool colors that represent strength and technology.

It is a little hard to find these colors in the antique world, a few ideas are to look for mulberry on white English ironstone, it even sounds yummy!

Vintage steel and galvanized remnants found in barns or junk stores are a stunning accent on the wall of a hallway, above a headboard or over a console.

Victorian floral painting often have beautiful tones of violet and vintage violet flower embroidered textiles can make an amazing accent pillow.