Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year

I saw my first episode of American Pickers last night! You wonder why? well, we don't have cable but we do have an Xbox thingy now so we can see old episodes! Well, I am officially a fan, it is great because I can relate to so much of what they do, what treasures they find in some of the oddest places, the interesting people they meet and how it all goes down not to mention it is funny as heck because of their experiences. Watching that show makes me love what I do that much more. I really think Lynne and I could do that, the West Coast version female style and we could give them a run for their money too!! Okay, I will stop dreaming...
As you know I have been an antique dealer for a long time, I was about 9 when I bought my first antique, probably jewelry and I have been hooked ever since. I have seen a lot of great antiques, heard hilarious and interesting stories and been witness to some disturbing events by people.
In my world of antiques there are the not so nice antique dealers and then there are the gracious and kind people who I am happy to call my friends. They have inspired me in countless ways as an artist, mother and business person.
  I am excited about the future of Thea's Interiors in the Pearl District, the great antiques we will find and the new artists that will have in shop. One of our new artist just in is furniture maker Inventia Design, a local custom fine furniture maker who's style ranges from farm tables to French style round pedestal tables to English inspired coffee tables and more. We have one table in at the moment and more to come.

Our online (virtual) shop is now open, we are still adding product and trying make it feel like you were shopping in the brick and mortar store, it will get there.
Great news! we will have a booth at Farm Chicks in Spokane this year and hopefully a few more in Washington and maybe California.
We will keep you posted.

May you have a wonderful and prosperous new year!!

Thea's Interiors