Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mt Tabor Stair Crawl & Coffee

One day while eating a delicious lunch at Bakery Bar (yummy) with my dear friend Laurie, our conversation touched on the subject of exercise.  Laurie came up with a brilliant idea of meeting at the Mt. Tabor stairs a couple of early mornings each week to trot up them.
 One cold wet, wet early morning we enthusiastically began to jog up the stairs which quickly turned into a walk and then nearly a crawl for me! Laurie is in much better shape although she is nice enough to act like we are both hurting bad!
Last week we counted the stairs, 280 and we do this twice!
Laurie suggested we grab a cup of joe one morning and that gave birth to my idea of trying a new coffee shop once a week. What better way to try one of Portland's best pastimes than with a good friend after a morning of exercise.
Stumptown on Belmont was our first coffee shop. I am not a coffee critic but I will say yes, I enjoyed my latte and the atmosphere!

When in Portland, do what the Portlanders do, drink coffee.

Thea's Interiors

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June First Thursday event

First Thursday was an elegant evening at Thea's Interiors. We were surrounded by talented artist and beautiful wedding inspired jewelry and gifts.  The weather was a little wet but we had a nice crowd and a good time.
Kathy Zell created the beautiful mannequin with the elegant French style dress.

Julie Verburg shows off her designs.

Vickie Wooten's designs.
Amy Olson and her jewelry.
Amy Olson Designs close up.
Julie and Charlotte take a moment to catch up before the event begins.
Vintage French silk wedding dress.
Who is this handsome guy!?

Thank you to everyone who participated and came out to enjoy the evening with us!

Thea's Interiors.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Whimsy, First Thursday

Kathy Zell designed the beautiful lady for our window.
Wedding Whimsy this First Thursday Art Walk on June 3rd from 5-9pm.
Artist Julie Verburg with The Withies
Amy Olson Designs
Vicki Wooten with Gossamer Designs
Here is a sneak peek of one of Vicki Wooten's exclusive designs for our event!
We are very excited about all the new product that our artists have been busily creating.
Tell your friends and family to come in and see these new designs and the enjoy food and wine.

What is a princess without her crown?

Thea's Interiors