Monday, July 27, 2009

Barn House Flea Market

If I ever write anything on time will be a miracle! My excuse, sometimes good times need time to breath like a fine wine! That is just how I feel about Jo, Jermonne and the Barn House.

Lynne, Heather and I spent a hot but great weekend on July 17 & 18 at their farm in Battleground. I was just along for the ride (what better excuse to hang out and shop for antiques) while they sold at the Barn House flea market.

Jo& Jermonne were so busy that I never got a picture of them, next time! We met a great family from Roseville, Ca. They own The Tattered House and they brought a yummy dessert and a breakfast cake that you can see Lynne licking further down the blog!

Heather and Lynne enjoy the amazing pot luck dinner the day before the show. Jermonne cooked a wonderful chicken on the BBQ and everyone brought something to share.

Resting by the fire pit in the boy's back yard!

Scene from a distance. Later that day the entire field was full of cars.

Cindy from Tarte had an amazing booth!! of course!

Heather and Lynne pricing.

A few things I bought from Sue.

The boy's yard.

From the garden.

Lynne as cute as can be!!!

Ready to take your money!

I realise that I didn't take any pictures of the crowd. Well, I was to busy helping Lynne with sales. The day turned out great and we met wonderful people, new customers and regular customers.

Heather in a vintage dress and apron and looking sexy!!

Lynne, eating off of the breakfast tray!

Lynne, Lynne!
What ever shall I do with you!

Thank you Jo and Jermonne for an amazing weekend and for the invite. I slept well for my 4 hours!!
Thank you Lynne and Heather!!!!

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Barn House said...

You never told us you have a blog!?!?!? I feel so out of the loop. Hope to see you soon!