Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Street of Dreams preview

Chris and I delivered our product to unit 1001 this week and we got a peek of the almost finished penthouse. It looks amazing!! I will have finished pictures in the next few weeks before the opening on August 1st.
Porcelain glove mold hand displayed in one of the bathrooms

I found this great architectural mirror at the Spokane Farm Chicks show in June. I bought it from a very inspiring and beautiful woman who owns Chaps in Spokane.
Finished architectural mirror with crackle finish hanging up in the music room.

I happened to find this industrial table at a second hand store when I was out shopping with Lynne. It was covered with boxes and hidden by miscellaneous junk. Could this be what I was looking for? I was excited about the project and I knew I had only 2 weeks to finish it for Phyllis and the Street of Dreams but I believed I could get it done.

While cleaning the base I happened on the embossed label, "Old Chicago".

After 5 days of stripping, sanding, buffing, painting, cleaning and sealing! We placed the 1/2 beveled cut glass on top and yes! it was beautiful and Phyllis really liked it!!

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