Friday, January 8, 2010

What I do with a few quiet hours to myself

I was enjoying a quiet Friday morning without kids so I decided to visit an estate sale. As I stood in line chatting with friends, shivering in the cold, I felt very content. I wasn't looking for much, maybe something charming, sparkly or even practical. After roaming around the house for about 1 hour, I was more than happy with my finds and I paid up.
I thought my two owls were so cute!! I was proudly showing them off to Lynne yesterday thinking that she was going to fully agree with me! As I place them gingerly on the counter, Lynne exclaims" Oh, my gosh, put them in my Goodwill bag right now!"

I was in shock, dumbfounded, I thought she was joking, how could she think they were not cute?

I love keys, you love keys, we all love keys.

this sweet little vintage butterfly broach is delicately painted on an old plastic. A large glass amethyst colored stone sits in the center

Happy weekend!!
Thea's Interiors

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