Monday, February 8, 2010

Thoughts for Mr. Valentine!

Are you trying to figure out what to get your husband, boyfriend or partner for Valentine's Day?  Well, come down to Thea's and take a look at all the great things we have that would be perfect for the man in your life.  

Thinking of something for his office?  We have antique leather books, large letter boxes with marbled sides and leather travel books.  Any or all of these would look great on his bookshelves or sitting on his desk.  Tired of looking at his golf tournament plaques everytime you pop in to his office to say hi!  How about a vintage trolley sign to jazz up the office walls.  We have large trolley banners with English townames on them or smaller banners with numbers on them.  Both of these have a sharp, clean and bold feeling to them.  Does he need a comfortable spot to read or go over papers?  How about pairing his favorite chair with an industrial feeling side table.  It's masculine lines would harmonize nicely with any office furniture.

Give him something that's unique this year.  After all, he's one of a kind!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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