Monday, February 15, 2010

What We Did In San Francisco

We made it! we drove into San Francisco at 6pm on a rainy Thursday night last week. Dawn arrived soon after we did via airplane.
The next morning was beautiful! we grabbed some pastries and searched for, "Nest", our first shop to visit on Filmore St.

Dawn and Laurie mapping out the next stop.

I wish we could grow succulents this big in Oregon, it was twice the size of my head.
One of the most creative window displays I saw was at Tail of the Yak. This was such a fantastic shop, a must see!
Street art.

Yummy food!
A nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge on one of our long walks around the city.

Dawn and I loved this shop called "Aria" on Grant Ave.We found some Great Findz, no pun intended, and we could have spent a lot of  hours digging through the eclectic blend of ephemera, linens and odds and ends. The shop patron was very nice.

Tail of the Yak, Bell'occhia and Castle in the Air were the top three on my list for shops you shouldn't miss.
Sandy, Thea and Lynne at  The Tattered House booth at the Alameda Flea Market.
At the Alameda Flea Market I saw every letter in every size color and style you could imagine, I did go a little crazy.
I didn't have much time to take pictures of all the great stuff I bought but I snapped a shot of these great chippy spindles I found.
Angela taking a break after a long day of shopping.
I would have bought this leather club chair if we could have fit it in the car.
The weather couldn't have been better for a day of shopping.  There had been a chance of rain but the antique gods were looking down on us with favor that day.
Lynne found several great fences that she will be selling at the Monticello garden show later in the year.
Angela pushing the last load!

I will post my favorites as soon as I finish unpacking!

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