Monday, August 2, 2010

Barn House 2010

Lynne and Angela just before the Barn House Flea Market opened.
plus our partner in crime, Heather!!
After the show, packing up with style!

Thank you Joe and Jermonne for a great time!!!!!

Thea's Interiors


Laurie said...

Barn House was great! It was fun spending time with you and Lynn!

Retreat said...

Thea, it was a joy to meet you and chat around the campfire at BH! Looking forward to visiting your darling shop soon...

Deb @ Retreat

Barn House said...

Howdy!!! It was so nice having you here with us that weekend, but even better seeing you in Yakima when we actually had some more time to chat. Thank you SOOO much for your support...look forward to having you participate next year.


The Boys