Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thoughts from Pamela: Spring has Sprung?

The last few days have made me feel like Spring has sprung!   It has been sunny and beautiful and little weeds are starting pop up in the garden already.  One of the projects I've been thinking about over the winter is making garden focal points out in the yard.  Wouldn't it be great to look out the dining room windows and see a nice vignette with beautiful flowers, plants and garden furniture?  That would be a vast improvement over my current view, which consists of a large blue trampoline.  I'm itching to do up some spring containers and place them so I can enjoy them from the windows.

We have great concrete urns in the shop that would be beautiful filled with a few boxwood and some bright colored tulips.  They'd also look great with a few daffodils and some pansies in your favorite color.  Add a wrought iron chair or old cafe table and you've got a great focal point.

I've recently moved my bird bath to outside my living room window and I've enjoyed watching the birds playing in the rain water.  I love this image with roses framing the bird bath.  President's Day is the traditional rose planting time in Portland, so if you didn't get to it this weekend get on it! Happy Spring!

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Ramona said...

Great post!

The sun is coming this Sunday...I think there is a garden table vignette in your near future....I'm just saying.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Smiles ~ Ramona