Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween is here!

I woke up this morning to a chilly bedroom and a wool blanket thrown over my bed. "It must be fall",  I said to myself  but I have to say I wasn't as excited about it as I usually am.  This summer proved to be short and not so sweet. Our yard never received the thorough clean up it should have, my kids didn't get to play outside like they normally do and I never had that BBQ party!
What is exciting is that the holidays are just around the corner and this year I had a good jump on Halloween as you can see from all the great hand made products we just brought in.
Kathy created a very inspiring ball gown made from a black velvet dress embellished with Victorian lace and feathers at the base. 

Our inside window is dripping with moss, vintage cloths and odds & ends.

Handmade pillows from Appetite and Vintage Trifles.

Martha Kohley from Vintage Trifles brought in a wonderful collection of Halloween creations. We have hand-glittered pumpkins and vintage photos embellished with hand cut paper hats and masks.

I love these creations from Tinsel Trading these delightful boxes called "Emporium Kits" are full of wonderful trinkets to make cards ornaments and whatever else you can think of.
Are these your family members? What fun they must have been!

More Vintage Trifles' whimsical creations!

Martha Kohley's one of a kind "Witch figure with broom" .....

"Witch figure on white pumpkin" and "Baby on pumpkin" are even more amazing close up as they are in the picture.

Wendy Addison's "Nevermore" Crow
We have several Wendy Addison black glitter pieces, crows, bats and black cats!

She is ready for a fun evening in her Halloween paper tiara.

Christine Marie Studio jewelry inspired by Halloween.

Halloween garland made from canning jar tops by Martha Kohley

Wicked as ever!!

Thea's Interiors Halloween window with colorful and creepy costumes in a melange of Halloween treats!

Trick or Treat?

Thea's Interiors

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