Friday, October 15, 2010

Locally made gifts

I always wished that I could paint beautiful images that popped into my head, or throw that vase or bowl that would later be used on our dining table. I wish I could sew even a straight line, but these are not going to happen in the next year so I have done my shopping for some of the best artist in Portland that can do everything I can't.
This is a little sampling of what is new in Thea's Interiors
Hadley Hutton"Flowers on the..." 8x10  print

Hadley Hutton "Heron" 5x7 print framed

Hadley Hutton "Feeding the birds" card

Appetite 16x16 yellow with 2 grey Hens & Chicks printed pillow

Appetite grey and red pot holders

Appetite 16x72 orange linen with creme floral print runner

Appetite green ferns on white dishtowels

DS Watkins woven wall hanging "5 Star" 10x10

DS Watkins woven wall hanging "d" 11x11

Pigeon Toe handmade ceramics

Pigeon Toe ceramics "Folded salt and pepper bowl" 
Pigeon Toe ceramics "3 leg bowl"

Pigeon Toe ceramics "Kerr votive"

May creativity never die!

Theas Interiors

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